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Click Explosions is a local elite SEO company in Florida. We can make this claim because we produce results that anyone can witness with a quick online search for any of the companies we work with. You most likely found this very page while researching the keyword phrase SEO companies in Florida. You landed here because we strategically optimized this page for your search terms and the search engine returned the best possible results matching your query based on its algorithm. This is the simplest way to explain how search engines bring you the most relevant information on the internet.

How Does SEO Work?

The fact of the matter is that it’s not rocket science however, ranking a website or a page on the internet does require paying close attention to important key points. One of the most important key points to consider when doing on-page SEO is to write your own high-quality original content that is well thought out and complete. Do not take shortcuts such as using someone else’s writings and spinning them.

We can assure you that any reputable search engine will spot a spun article right away. When it comes to search engine algorithms and today’s technology, you have to remember that you cannot fool them. There are two main reasons why any search engine worth mentioning will detect spun content. The first is simply because a whole lot of money is being spent to make sure these methods are detected. The second reason is because much of the world’s most intelligent minds are creating the technology you are trying to fool. The main point you have to take away here is that writing your own material is crucial to your online SEO campaign’s success.

Short or Long Reach SEO?

Another important key point to consider is your targeted audience. Many websites do not need to rank for broad keywords since they don’t provide products and services to the entire world. If you own or have recently started a global brand, we recommend starting in your local markets first. Once you successfully establish a strong enough local market where there is much less competition, you can start to expand into larger markets. This is the natural progression of any business and therefore it makes sense that search engines don’t provide a way for a company to go global overnight with organic rankings.

When you start your search engine optimization efforts by marketing your products and services locally as we have, you will be rewarded much faster than you would by by marketing globally. For example, Notice the title of this article is “Best SEO Company In Florida”. The intent of this article is to attract prospect SEO clients who are searching for a local SEO company located in Florida. Of course we can offer our services globally and anyone around the world can find this page by searching for the same search phrase you did.

Global SEO Or Local?

In a sense, we are a global brand because just about anyone with a website would like to hire a company that can get them tons of free organic traffic. But we are a small operation and we have no desire to work with thousands of clients around the world. The truth is that the more clients we have, the less time we have available to do our job right. Because of this, we are only able to work with 50 businesses at a time and we do not work with more than one client in each local market. More on this a little later in this article.

The third point we want to make is building a solid off page SEO presence through your clients (on social media and blog posts). When you provide your clients with service they can’t get anywhere else, they like to tell others. Typically this type of word of mouth comes with backlinks to you your website or webpage. Backlinks buit they way are counted by the search engines as vote for your site. In general, the more votes you have for your website, the higher your well optimized pages will rank. This holds true in most cases however, there are some websites that can hurt your search engine rankings.

Do Search Engines Penalize?

Penalized sites are typically limited to spam type websites. I’m not talking about websites that have tons of backlinks because there are plenty of websites that rank high and give backlinks to almost everyone. For instance reputable online directories such as, or even We all have seen the websites to stay away from; they often have a string of never ending useless comments with backlink after backlink. These are spam sites and they will do no good for your reputation at all so it is best to stay away from them at all costs.

Because we only work with pre-screened highly reputable select clients, we have publisher accounts on thousands of high ranking blog websites. As a result, we are able to guest post quality blog posts about our clients with backlinks on any of these sites. These blog websites get hundreds of thousands of visitors daily who read and interact with our unique content producing direct traffic to the linked websites (our client’s websites). This is the type of network and traffic search engines want to see when ranking a website.

The bold purpose of this page is to rank for the search phrase “Best SEO Company In Florida” in order to prove our claim that we can do the same for any business choose to work with. We are aware that there are hundreds of thousands of SEO companies out there who claim they are the best and they charge you top dollar for little to no results. After reading this and seeing for yourself that we can do what we promise.

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