Cum Explosion

A cum explosion is a super high-volume blast of semen produced by a male organ in a highly dynamic way. The semen projectile tends to look like a rope flying in the air. Its length may reach up to 12 feet. It can communicate a visual turn-on factor. In men, a cum explosion is one of the most memorable and compelling moments of sexual intercourse. However, a cum explosion can also be a turn-off. So how can you improve your chances of getting an infected partner?

Semen propulsion

The sperm’s swimming velocity is dependent on several factors, including the morphology and size of its components. Sperm with long flagella typically have a high swimming velocity. While sperm with short flagella tend to have a slow speed. The midpiece and tail lengths of sperm are also related to the swimming velocity. But the relationship is complex and differs from species to species. Nevertheless, it is known that midpiece length and swimming velocity go hand-in-hand.

In the case of human sperm, the ratio of the tail to the flagellum is symmetric. The larger the head, the slower the sperm would swim, and vice versa. The midpiece was 50% longer than the tail, and the ratio was around 1.5. The researchers were able to observe that a large sperm’s head produces a larger amount of drag than a smaller one.

Super stud ejaculation

The ultimate super stud ejaculation can be used for all kinds of sperm fetishes. From slathering the girl’s tit with semen to hosing down your boyfriend’s bubble butt with hot spunk. The volume of fluid that you produce will leave your lover speechless. In addition, the super stud ejaculation will prevent early ejaculation and help you achieve a hard, strong erection even during marathon sessions.

Gooning out after edging masturbation

When a man reaches the point of no return in his orgasm, he becomes highly sensual and enjoys gooning out. Often, a woman will use the threat of ruining his orgasm as a way to make him keep edging and heighten his climax. The woman may also play a compromising role by threatening to stop masturbation, but this might actually heighten the climax.

A man can try gooning out after edging for more intense orgasmic experiences. This technique requires more mental focus and time than gooning and can result in a more powerful ejaculation. This technique requires a man to concentrate in the right way. Much like a basketball player who is in “the zone.”