How To Cum In My Mouth

Be a Woman that eats cum!

“Please cum in my mouth daddy, I want you to cum in my mouth.” You are having a little too much fun with your girlfriend teasing you want to explode. This is a special time for you so you need to finish what you are doing and this is how you can do it. You need to grab her hips and push her forward until you are deep inside her. Give her some pleasure and make sure you give her lots of satisfaction.

Grab her hair and start kissing her and caress her neck while you cum in my mouth

Keep kissing her face and mouth and feel her climax as you use your fingers to stimulate her g spot. Make sure that you are stimulating her as much as possible because she wants you to leave her satisfied. It is time for you to cum now. Follow these simple steps to get what you want tonight.

If she is still a little shy about having sex, you might want to tell her to come sit on your face before you say ‘cum in my mouth’

Get her aroused just by the sight of her and watch her face light up. Tell her that it feels good when she gets turned on and then tell her to take her top off. You will be amazed with how much she will like the attention that she will get.

Start caressing and kissing her stomach and thighs as you are massaging her clitoris

Massage and finger her clitoris as hard as you can but do it slowly. Tell her that you love it and make sure that you stimulate every inch of her body. You can start caressing her inner thighs as well as her pubic area. After you have massaged her thoroughly enough, you can move on to her breasts and begin to massage her nipples.

While you are stimulating her nipples, caress her entire body as you continue your exploration of her vagina

Massaging her entire body will get her so aroused that you will be able to fill her with orgasms in no time at all. When you are finally done with one part, you can switch to another. The more stimulation that you give her the better results you will get.

Once you are satisfied with what you have done, you can now go ahead and enter her as you have positioned her on all fours and straddle her. Make sure that you cuddle her and kiss her on the lips as you are thrusting inside her. Once you are climaxing, you can then stop but wait until she starts to breathe. This will slow you down but make sure that you give her some room for you to finish her.

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